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Sunglasses Are More Than Looking Cool

A Buyer's Guide to Sunglasses We are used to seeing movie stars in their daily life or at social events sporting the latest fashion trends in sunglasses. Sunglasses are part of the California lifestyle. We have sun most days and sunglasses are a necessary part of our culture here. Sunglasses can make you stand [...]

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We are putting our foot down on Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia is the most common cause of preventable sight loss in children. In fact, about 3% of children will have some degree of lazy eye. Amblyopia develops early in life due to improper focus or alignment of one of the eyes. The most common cause of lazy eye is farsightedness [...]

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More Than Cool!

That’s what sunglasses are! We all know the fashion statement sunglasses can make, as we see celebrities sporting the latest fashions in sun wear. Yes, I will admit sunglasses are a fashion statement, but I will make a case that this is not their most important purpose. The right sunglasses help protect your eyes [...]

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Why are some glasses more expensive than others?

Today there are more options than ever available to the consumer when it comes to purchasing glasses. It can be difficult to determine the differences between these various options, and decide which is right for you. When the differences aren’t made clear price often becomes the default deciding factor. So why would one pay more [...]

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