We Can Diagnose & Treat Diabetic Eye Issues

Diabetes has become both a local and national health care crisis for Americans. A 2016 UCLA population study found that 46% (13 million Californians) are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. Diabetes is the leading cause of sight loss for adults ages 20-74.

Diabetes is the leading cause of sight loss in working age adults. We care for patients that are diabetic and pre-diabetic. Recent studies show that even those with pre-diabetes can show signs of damage to their eyes. Our goal is to help keep your sight by working with you and the others that assist in your care. Your eyes reflect your general health, thus when diabetes is not controlled it can first show up in your eyes.

Diabetic & Pre-Diabetic Eye Care in Camarillo
Diabetic Retinopathy

We believe in the team approach to caring for diabetes. We have formed partnerships with local physicians, diabetes educators, and other members of the health care community that care for patients with diabetes. When we say a team, we are referring to coordination of care so that each care provider understands and respects the role of the other team members. You as the patient are the most important member of that team. You will only benefit from the advice of professionals when you both trust, and commit to making changes to your lifestyle to maintain your health. Your eyes will have a better prognosis if your blood sugar is controlled.

We have expanded our capabilities to care for patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes by offering the latest and most advanced technologies available. These new advances in eye care allow us to detect issues from diabetes years before they can be detected by traditional methods.

The new technologies include OCT angiography and Full field Electroretinogram. The OCT angiography allows us to see microscopic changes in the capillaries in the eye that represent the earliest signs of problems from diabetes. The Full Field Electroretinogram will detect functional changes in the light receiving cells of the eye called the retina. The functional decline can sometimes precede physical evidence of damage to the eye. These tests are able to detect the earliest signs of diabetic eye disease, years before they are picked up with standard testing. Both tests are quick and painless and can be done in our office.

OCT Angiography Example

OCT Angiography Example

We also do traditional testing for signs of diabetic eye disease. The tests include a dilated eye exam and wide field retina imaging. When needed, an Optical Coherence Tomography can be done in office to detect swelling in the delicate tissues of the eye. We also work with some of the most respected specialists to manage complications from diabetes.

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes it is important that your eyes are examined at least one time per year. Please contact our office to allow us to protect you from sight loss.

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