We Can Help Treat Your Dry Eyes

With dry eye disease affecting one in four people it is one of the most common ailments we focus on in our practice. Left untreated most forms of dry eye gradually worsen over time. The most common symptoms of dry eye include burning, watering, blurred vision, and decreased ability to wear contact lenses. Dry eye can result from many things that influence the quantity or quality of your tears.

Fortunately, we are successful in treating a vast majority of people with dry eye. The treatment we recommend for you will be individualized based on the type and severity of your dry eye condition. The most common treatments we recommend include lubricants, nutritional supplements, Restasis, tear saver plugs, hot compresses with lid massage, as well as other medications. Just as it often takes months or years for a dry eye condition to become significant, it also takes most people between 1 and 6 months to respond fully to treatment. We promise to stay up to date on offering the most advanced forms of dry eye treatment available.

Not sure if you have dry eye syndrome? Download our handy dry eye quiz.

Dry Eye Syndrome in Camarillo

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