A Message from Dr. Amundsen

Thank you for your interest in our eye care practice. I want you to know about our values and our beginnings, so you can know what to expect from your experience in our office.

The office has grown from its humble beginnings in 1985 when I opened the doors. Before opening the office in Camarillo I studied all of the cities in Ventura County and found Camarillo to be the perfect location. I still feel that way today. I can still remember my first patient, one of the construction crew that built out the inside of the old office in Dos Caminos Plaza. When hiring our first office staff member, Susan, we sat on some boxes on the construction site for the interview. She explained that she couldn’t accept the position because she was going on vacation the week we were opening. I explained we would wait until she returned. She stayed with me for 18 years until her retirement.

Dr. Dean Amundsen Hiking in the Sierras

I am interested in long term relationships with all of our patients and staff. Caring for people the best I know how was the reason I chose to open my own practice. After doing thousands of eye exams since opening in 1985, the real joy of providing eye care is in getting to know each person on a personal level and helping them through the challenges that they face with their eyes.

Before entering optometry I studied biology at California State University Northridge (CSUN). I was also fortunate enough to be a member of three national championship swim teams while at CSUN. That experience had a significant impact on me. I learned that excellence in any field does not come without significant sacrifice and commitment. Beyond the sacrifice, comes the joy of knowing that you have done your best. I have enjoyed striving for that same kind of excellence and continual improvement in my eyecare practice.

This is truly a family run business. While I enjoy practicing optometry my family is the most important thing in my life outside of my faith. My wife Debbie is the love of my life and she oversees the administrative functions of the office. We have been married since 2000. We treat our employees as we would family members. We have four children and two grandchildren. All of our children still live in Camarillo with the exception of our daughter Coryn; she has found her passion working with rehabilitating horses in Washington state. We also have two grandchildren in Camarillo, Beckett and Gavin. If we are not at the office we are likely doing something with them. We are Christians and attend Camarillo Community Church. Our faith strongly affects how we treat our patients and our employees and the integrity that we choose to uphold to all those we encounter.

I have made a commitment to work and learn with other eye doctors to help learn from each other’s experience. You can be assured we will stay on the cutting edge of care through our affiliations. We are also long term members of the California Optometric Association and American Optometric Association.

I have always had a passion for helping those with difficult eye problems. I have noted that many doctors are not willing to invest their time on cases that may be more challenging. I find these cases very rewarding when I can find a solution to a long standing problem. While I acknowledge that I am not able to help all people, my promise is that I will do my best to find a solution or someone else that may help.

I am most interested in helping people see and look their best while focusing on maintaining and preserving your sight throughout your lifetime. We have developed relationships with the finest sub-specialist doctors in our area to ensure that you can come to our office for the best solutions regardless of the nature of your eye problem. Thanks for trusting us with your most valued asset. Your eyesight!

Warmest regards,

Dean Amundsen

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