How many of us look for more than one pair of glasses when it’s time to update our prescription? Probably most do not even consider picking more than one pair, but who decided we should only have one frame featured on our face? Even those with smaller wardrobes have more than one shirt and pair of pants, more than one pair of shoes, and even at least 2 pairs of earrings (you have to have one set to dress up with!). We worry about wearing the same outfit at too many parties in a row, but not what is seen framing our eyes? Also, just like you don’t go running in your formal shoes, one pair of glasses does not fulfill every need. Frames are built differently for different activities. LENSES are made with different focal points for varying needs – how can one pair do it all?

Glasses seem to be categorized as something you must “put up” with to be able to see, but what if we glasses wearers continue to highlight the idea that they are an accessory? Or a tool that can ease eye strain? Yes, our vision decides if we wear glasses – but that just means we GET to wear glasses! There are fun shapes and colors to enhance your style, or more subtle frames to blend away and let people simply see your eyes. Not only can you create your own unique styles, but with more than one pair you are prepared in case your primary pair is damaged and unable to be worn. Back up pairs of glasses can be seen as unnecessary to those who have never had a frame break or their lenses damaged, BUT what if that happened? Would you be able to function as desired during the process of ordering new glasses? These backup pairs of glasses can be different styles to give you multiple pairs for daily wear but also help save your day if one of the pairs are damaged.

Needing backup pairs of glasses should relate to every glasses wearer, but some will not relate to wanting glasses for fashion – what about them as tools for your trade? Lenses can enhance your vision and make your work/hobby life more comfortable. When working at a computer or with up close materials for more than 2 hours a day your vision is strained and can make you feel more tired than necessary. If you are working on an electronic device you have blue light, background brightness, and looking at something close to you all adding to eye fatigue. Work can be exhausting enough, why add unnecessary strain? This adds to exhaustion heading home after a long project as well – would feeling less tired or having fewer headaches help walking through the door to your personal life easier? I would argue that it can help!

Now, for those who are really trying to keep from admitting that glasses can improve multiple facets of your life, let’s talk about one more thing – sports! Who wants to be trying to do sports or outdoor activities and have their everyday glasses slipping around or actually fall off? The answer is no one! You may ask, isn’t that why opticians adjust my glasses to stay on? Yes, we do. But if your frame is an everyday pair, you are probably wearing a fashion frame. The adjustments that can be made are to keep your glasses from slipping forward and staying secure while doing normal, everyday activities – not strenuous activities. If you do anything active on a consistent basis, even once a week, you should consider having a more wrapped active wear frame that will grip and hold in place for you. These glasses can be clear for indoor, transitions for using indoor AND outdoor, or sunglasses for outdoor use! There are tints that can be helpful for different activities as well, not just regular sunglasses.

These are only 3 examples of how glasses can enhance your life, you may have a unique need that can be filled as well! There are endless uses for glasses, and looking at one pair to fulfill every need of your life is just not the ideal way to live. Many of us “get by” with one pair, but we can be so much more comfortable with more than one option. We are here to partner with you, you may not even know what we can help with. Simply come in, talk with us, let us know what your days look like/what activities and hobbies you like, and allow us ask a few questions surrounding your lifestyle. Let us work with you to find ways to improve your life!

Written by, Elissa (Office Manager/ABO Certified Optician)