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Does Myopia Get Worse With Age?

Many parents who come into our practices consider their children’s myopia as a simple vision problem that needs correction. Each time the child needs a higher prescription, they just “fix” it by buying them a new pair of glasses. What many parents don’t realize is that myopia can actually harm a child’s eyes and [...]

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What on earth is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a procedure that describes reshaping of the cornea (front optical surface of the eye) with a contact lenses. The purpose of corneal reshaping the is to improve vision when the lens is taken out. Similar with orthodontics that move teeth into a more desirable appearance. Orthokeratology reshapes the front of the eye [...]

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We are putting our foot down on Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia is the most common cause of preventable sight loss in children. In fact, about 3% of children will have some degree of lazy eye. Amblyopia develops early in life due to improper focus or alignment of one of the eyes. The most common cause of lazy eye is farsightedness [...]

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Don’t Be So Nearsighted!

The title of this article is meant to have two meanings.  Nearsightedness, known scientifically as myopia, is typically used to describe a person's inability to see clearly in the distance.  It can also be a metaphor for an individual not considering the long term effects of a choice before making it.  I’m hoping that this [...]

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