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Amblyopia, Nothing to Get Lazy About

Amblyopia also known as lazy eye is the leading cause of sight loss in children. Approximately 2 to 4% of children suffer from some form of the condition. It is important to diagnose and treat amblyopia as early as possible to prevent permanent sight loss. Amblyopia is caused by any condition that prevents one [...]

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What on earth is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a procedure that describes reshaping of the cornea (front optical surface of the eye) with a contact lenses. The purpose of corneal reshaping the is to improve vision when the lens is taken out. Similar with orthodontics that move teeth into a more desirable appearance. Orthokeratology reshapes the front of the eye [...]

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Healthcare Tsunami

November is national diabetes month, but that’s not why I am writing this article! There is a wave of illness that is approaching the shore of this country like a tsunami. Diabetes mellitus represents a group of health conditions all associated with an abnormally high blood sugar. The sugar that comes from food in [...]

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There is a chance to save your family’s sight at every age

I have been an optometrist for 34 years. It has given me a lot of opportunity to contemplate the reason I chose to dedicate my working life to this career. When I  think of people at risk of losing their sight, I mostly think of seniors, or those with debilitating health conditions like diabetes. Protecting [...]

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We are putting our foot down on Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia is the most common cause of preventable sight loss in children. In fact, about 3% of children will have some degree of lazy eye. Amblyopia develops early in life due to improper focus or alignment of one of the eyes. The most common cause of lazy eye is farsightedness [...]

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Optimizing Vision For Sports

Imagine hitting a home run each time you are at the plate! Then you wake up! With baseball playoffs now underway, it makes you wonder what some professional athletes have that most of us don’t. There are some God-given skills that some are just born with, but those skills need to be developed. Baseball [...]

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Hold Off On The Oil Change

There was a survey done about 10 years ago that asked people what is more important: to have your oil changed every three months, or to have an annual eye examination.  In a shock to my ego as an eye doctor, about two thirds of the people felt the oil change was more important.  Wow! [...]

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